About Me

Hi, This is Rebecca Holman. I welcome you here to my story page. This website is about awakenings. I have lived a life working on awakening myself. I have lived a life about manifestation and I love sharing what I know in order to help others find their path. I am happy to help anyone that is legitimately seeking and this website is chock full of information and soon to be developed programs that can offer you the peace of mind you are seeking. 

How I Got From There to here!

Every  Life Has An Amazing And Textured Story To Share. Mine Is No Different.
At a very young age I began to seriously question why we were here on this planet. I spent a lot of time researching and reading many of the spiritual and religious books of various world religions. I actually at one point wanted to be a Missionary for my church. That opportunity did not happen for me, but I did get to see the world and travel around the United States in my 20s right out of high school and later after college. That Introduced me to so many of the textures and varieties that life had to offer. I concluded that

We Live On A Beautiful Planet Full Of

Beautiful People!

Law of attraction

My life changed when I found Abraham – Hicks and Read the Book

Ask And It is Given

It literally changed my life. Below is one of my favorite Abraham-Hicks videos. I actually have hundreds of them that I listen to regularly on YouTube. When I feel down. I fire up some Abraham Hicks Rampages of Appreciation and will listen to them while I work. So Inspiring.

No Distance Is too Far

Know * Plan * Be

At 17 Years Old , I set out to find myself. After traveling around the United States for a few years, I landed in Montana, which I have called home now for over 30 years. I may not have been born here, but it is my choice to live here until I die. I love it that much. I live midway between Glacier Park and Yellowstone Parks. So as you can imagine, I live in heaven.





So Why Not Join Me On This Journey Called Life

I Have An Exceptional View From Where I Am...Let Me Be Your Tour Guide
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Isn't It Time To Find Your Way Back Home To Yourself?
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