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To manifest more money in your life, you will want to maintain a consistent focus on strengthening your intent and belief. The more you do this, the more you will become magnetic to money and abundance in all forms. Even better, this process is easy and fun; you just have to keep working at it.

The process has three clear components:

1) Intending to receive more money

The very first step is to decide that you WILL have more money. The majority of people don't know that they can do this. They think that they can only have so much money (like what comes through their job) and that's it. However, being firm and setting a strong intention to receive more money powerfully triggers the universe to start working on your behalf! Even if you can't see it happening right away, if you tune in and pay attention you should be able to feel your circumstances starting to shift.

Setting an intention is as simple as stating what you want out loud: “Money is flowing to me now.” Say it with power and conviction – it is not a request, it is an INTENTION. It should have power behind it.

2) Repeat, repeat, repeat

Your intention should be repeated often so that it can build more energy and take on a life of its own. You can say the statement many times throughout the day, or you can set aside short sessions of 10 or 15 minutes to repeat it a few dozen times and then put it out of your mind. Both ways will work; or come up with your own routine. The only thing that matters is that you keep building energy by saying the statement frequently.

3) Believe it is your truth

Lastly, put all of your strength into believing that the sentiment in your statement is your TRUTH. When you say the statement, do you feel a bit uncertain about it? Does it make you feel nervous or strange? If so, this is just a sign that you are not yet aligned with such a truth. Keep saying the statement repeatedly and eventually that will change.

Also, it does not matter if you can't think of any ways for more money to come to you; let the universe handle that part. Simply say over and over again, “Money is flowing to me now” and work on believing that it's true. You can even visualize a massive stream of money flowing through the universe, making its way into your life. See yourself joyfully opening your arms to accept this gift from the universe, and know that it's already yours.

If you have been focusing on lack and scarcity for some time before trying this exercise, it may take a little time to start working. Simply keep saying your statement each day, doing your best to build up your belief and confidence, and before long you should start to see changes taking place. Perhaps some extra money will come to you from unexpected sources, or your financial circumstances will improve in other ways. Keep it going and the larger changes should happen before long too.

One of the biggest challenges in attracting money and abundance is that you have to be very, very CONSISTENT with it. Improving your thoughts takes dedication and focus. If you don't put forth that effort each and every day, your results are going to be minimal.

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