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Do you feel abundant in every area of your life? If you’re like most people, you probably feel blessed in some areas, but maybe not so much in others. It is possible to expand your mind-set to not only see more abundance around you but also attract more abundance into your life.

First, it’s important to recognize the differences between a mind-set of abundance and lack.

A lack focused mind believes that there is never enough to go around: never enough money, resources, love, opportunity, friendship, passion, excitement or fulfillment. This perspective acknowledges a shortage of everything desirable, therefore it is necessary to grasp and grab to get whatever it can before someone else comes along and takes it. A lack focused mind sees the glass as half empty, and dwells on problems and challenges instead of blessings and joy.

An abundance focused mind believes just the opposite of a lack focused mind. It believes that there is more than enough for everyone so there is no hurry to grasp what it can right now. It believes in a never-ending flow of prosperity and joy, so it can take its time and enjoy the moment. An abundance focused mind sees the glass not just as half-full, but overflowing from a constantly bubbling stream feeding it from beneath.

How do you switch from a lack mind-set to an abundance mind-set? By choosing an abundant outlook moment to moment! You have to be willing to ignore your old inner messages of lack and emptiness, and begin replacing them with new messages of hope and plenty.

Here are three simple ways to start:

1) Become aware of the abundance all around you.

When you visit a large supermarket or department store, pause for a moment and notice the massive abundance in the form of material goods surrounding you. All of these things were created from nothing, and turned into something useful by a person with a vision. Think about how this process could be used to bring more abundance into your own life.

2) Keep affirming you have more than enough.

Remember, a lack focused mind dwells on what it DOESN’T have, while an abundant mind focuses on what it DOES have. Rather than worrying about having enough, affirm that you have enough! Say things like, “I always have plenty of money,” and “I am so incredibly blessed.”

3) Give.

When we feel like we don’t have “enough” our first response is usually to hold onto what we have a little tighter. This sends a powerful message of lack to the universe! Instead, start sharing your time, money and resources with others. Do so with a heart full of gratitude and confidence that whatever you send out will return to you tenfold. (Note: you don’t have to give on a large scale either, just a few dollars or an hour of your time can generate a new cycle of abundance in your life.)

Keep up with activities like these and before long, you’ll find yourself automatically feeling more abundant – and attracting greater wealth, love, joy and miracles at every turn.

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