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When it comes to attracting abundance, there are a lot of possible blockages that can hold you back. You probably already know that you need to keep your thoughts focused on abundance rather than shortage; and you need to keep envisioning the life of abundance you want to live. However, you might not realize that there are a few common abundance blockages that can hold you back, even if you're careful to keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Below I've highlighted three of the most common abundance blockages that will need to be cleared before you can allow abundance into your life.

One of the biggest abundance blockages is holding a “victim mindset”. You may be so used to things going wrong for you (with money and other things too) that you are unable to embrace the new, abundant self-image with your old victim mindset. Even if you WANT to have an easier financial life and be successful, you still labor under the perception that you are “a victim”. So money and other good things cannot come to you because you aren't aligned with receiving them. You just keep attracting more and more financial crises that keep you feeling powerless and victimized.

To overcome this victim mentality, you have to start acknowledging and embracing your own inner power. You don't have to deny that you have been victimized in the past; you just have to stop identifying with that personality NOW. Start seeing yourself as an empowered, brilliant, lovable person who has no limits. When you start seeing yourself like this, you let go of the old you – the one that struggled so much with money and other areas of life. And your finances will start showing the difference.

Another common abundance blockage is worrying about what other people might think of you if you had more money. Do you worry that your friends or family would make fun of you, or be jealous of you, or even reject you? You may also worry that they would start demanding money from you if they knew you had plenty, and you wouldn't know how to say no to them.

This kind of abundance blockage reveals a fear that you won't be able to handle the pressure of being wealthy. To dissolve this blockage, you need to start seeing yourself as a confident person who doesn't need validation from other people; someone who doesn't really care what other people think. You need to start believing that you can handle large sums of money responsibly and easily deal with the situations that may come along with having more money. To help dissolve this fear, you may even want to start visualizing some of the situations that make you uncomfortable. Visualize yourself managing your money easily; see yourself feeling strong and capable even when other people are judging you. As time goes on, your inner strength keeps growing and eventually you stop feeling intimidated about the idea of having more money.

One more common abundance blockage is being invested in struggle. If you have a strong belief that money can't come easily to you, you may not be able to allow it to flow easily even if you want to. You believe that you have to strain, struggle and sacrifice, so that is the only way money comes to you. As long as you have this strong belief, you just won't allow easy abundance to come to you, no matter how much you might want to.

To overcome this blockage, you need to start developing a belief that money CAN come easily to you. It will take a little time to truly clear the existing belief, but little by little you can start convincing yourself that money can come easily. Start by constantly repeating to yourself, “I believe that money can come easily to me. I'm looking forward to allowing EASY ABUNDANCE. I believe that I can allow money in fun and easy ways.” The more you keep focusing on that truth, the more true it will become for you! Eventually, money and other forms of abundance really WILL start flowing easily to you, and you'll see it as your new reality.

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