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If you've ever wondered what the “art of allowing” is with the Law of Attraction, you're not alone; it's a confusing concept for many people. The art of allowing is the practice of being open to receive the things you've been trying to attract, like money, love, health, career success, or anything else. You may think you are already open to receive these things, but you may not be allowing them quite yet, so they haven't arrived.

Being in a state of allowing means that you are aligned with the essence of your goals. Whether you've been trying to manifest abundance, a committed relationship, a better job, or great health, you probably spend a few minutes a day visualizing them. That's a great start, but that's not the complete process.

Now you need to practice the art of allowing by moving your thoughts and feelings into a state where you already HAVE the things you're trying to attract. You may think you can't do that until you actually do have them, but that's not true. If you close your eyes right now, you can deliberately practice feeling as if you already have all the money, love, success, and happiness you desire. If you haven't been doing that, chances are you've been telling the universe over and over that you don't have these things, and the universe just keeps manifesting more situations where you don't have them.

Turning this around is as easy as communicating a strong message of abundance to the universe. Start broadcasting the energy signal that you already have a lot of money, a great partner, a booming business, excellent health, and more.

By now you may be wondering exactly how to communicate these things, and the answer is simple: with your feelings. The more abundant you feel, the more abundant you will be. The more loved you feel, the more loved you will be. The healthier you feel, the healthier you will be. By deliberately shifting your feelings, you come into alignment with the essence of the things you want to attract, and they flow easily to you. That is practicing the art of allowing! If you aren't practicing the art of allowing, you're practicing a state of resistance, and nothing good can come into your life.

Practicing the art of allowing simply means adopting the mental and emotional states that you will have once your desires have already manifested. Will you feel abundant, happy, and free when you have plenty of money? Will you feel cherished and secure when you find the love of your life? Will you feel invincible when your body is strong and energetic?

Practice feeling that way now! Note the key word in that last sentence: PRACTICE. You won't be able to permanently shift your thoughts and feelings quite yet; it does take a little time to make the changes permanent. But spending a few minutes each day practicing the feelings will get you there quickly. Use the power of your imagination and pretend that you already have the money, the lover, the job, the business success, the slender body. Within a very short period of time you're going to start feeling the difference, and even better, you'll start SEEING the difference in your outer life.

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